Are Clear Aligners Considered Orthodontics?

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Wondering whether general dentists can provide orthodontics for their patients? Yes, they can. While not all dentists offer orthodontic services, having straight teeth is important to dental health. Fortunately, clear aligners are one of the more popular straightening options that dentists can offer.

About orthodontics

Learning more about orthodontics is a great idea for anyone who wants or needs to have straighter teeth. According to the American Dental Association, the purpose of orthodontic treatment is to create a healthy bite, as a good bite makes it easier to eat and speak. The fact that there are few different types of orthodontic options available nowadays means that those needing orthodontic treatment have choices. One of the more popular options they are choosing is clear aligners.

Straightening teeth with clear aligners

The fact that clear aligners fall under the umbrella of orthodontics means that this teeth-straightening option is a choice for many people who want or need straighter teeth. While many people want straighter teeth to have a more attractive smile, many people also need straighter teeth to support a healthy mouth. The list below includes the benefits that come with choosing clear aligners to straighten one’s teeth.

They are barely noticeable when worn

Clear aligners are also known as invisible braces because they are barely noticeable when worn. This makes aligners a great choice for those who would rather be more discreet about their teeth straightening process. It is important to properly care for aligners as it is possible for them to stain, making them more noticeable when worn. This makes it essential for wearers to care for their aligners, so they do not stain them.

They can be removed for a certain amount of time every day

Since it is possible for wearers to remove their clear aligners for a certain amount of time every day, this makes it very easy for them to perform everyday functions like eating and providing their aligners with the proper oral care. This convenience is also appreciated by those with busy work lives, as they can remove their aligners before attending important meetings or giving presentations.

They are comfortable to wear

Clear aligners are custom-made for each patient using a safe type of dental plastic, making them comfortable to wear. Along with being lightweight, clear aligners are comfortable to wear. This design makes it easier to remove the aligner trays when necessary. The few people who experience temporary discomfort while wearing their aligners can ask their dentist for tips on how to make them more comfortable.

Interested in clear aligner treatment?

In need of orthodontics? Choosing a general dentist to perform your orthodontic treatment is the next step. Many people are choosing clear aligners to straighten their teeth nowadays due to their many benefits, making this teeth-straightening option one that is growing in popularity. Contact our office to set up a consultation appointment and get started.

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